If my boat is insured, do I need a membership card?2019-01-15T04:22:46+02:00

Yes, everyone should have one. You will receive a timely service allowing you to continue on with your day should unforeseen circumstances arise. If you need to be towed and your insurance covers this service, you may contact them to inform them you have a membership card. Therefore, you won’t have to make several calls to find a service to assist you. We have a number specifically dedicated to this type of service 24/7.

What is the response time for your services?2019-01-15T04:22:59+02:00

Our captains are on call 24/7 in order to offer you a quick and efficient service. They must be able to make their way to BA-TOW’s service boat within a 30-minute delay. Naturally, the number of calls, the weather and the distance required to meet you will influence this delay. Rest assured that we will do everything in our power to assist you as quickly as possible. If your situation changes before BA-TOW reaches you and you feel you are in danger, contact the coast guard immediately.

What are your hours of availability for emergency services?2019-01-15T04:23:10+02:00

Our emergency services are offered 24/7, from May 15th to October 15th.

Which areas do you cover?2019-04-01T17:51:13+02:00

Our services are currently offered in the following three areas.

On the St. Lawrence River: from the St. Lambert lock to Lake St. Pierre Inlet.

On the Lake of Two Mountains to the Pointe-Fortune.

On Lake St. Louis.

You can consult our coverage area section for more information. You will find a geographical map for each area.

What happens if I used up all the services included with my membership card and I still require assistance?2019-01-15T04:23:41+02:00

You can renew your card at the same price specified for the ongoing year. Your card must be renewed the same day that your services are exhausted; otherwise a 24-hour delay will be required for your card to be activated once again. We also offer an exclusive hourly rate for members. This rate remains valid even if your included services have all been used*.

*The hourly rate for members varies depending on your choice of package.

How can I contact you if I require assistance?2019-01-15T04:23:53+02:00

You can easily contact us by phone. If ever you do not have reception on your cellular phone, you can contact us via your VHF radio on channel 16. If we are not on the water and you do not have reception, you must contact the coast guard on channel 16.

Can I use your services without being a member?2019-01-15T04:24:05+02:00

Yes. We offer our services at an hourly rate. You can contact us at any moment by phone should you require our services.

What’s the difference between assistance, towing, salvaging and rescue services?2019-01-15T04:24:30+02:00

An assistance service consists of meeting you at your location to help resolve a situation that is keeping you from carrying out your activities.

A towing service consists of navigating your watercraft to port when it is unable to function properly.

A salvaging service consists of refloating your watercraft and bringing it to port. We advise that you contact your insurance company beforehand so that they can communicate with us.

Rescue services are in another category. Rescue services involve a dangerous situation requiring emergency services, such as a fire, a sinking watercraft, injured passengers, etc. In such situations, you must immediately contact the coast guard.

What type of boat do you use?2019-05-12T03:21:29+02:00

Our workboats are equipped for all the services we offer. Maintenance is carried out regularly and rigorously to ensure our equipment is efficient, safe, and ready to assist you.

What must I do while I wait for you to arrive?2019-01-29T22:31:18+02:00

We will give you instructions to follow by phone. However, here are a few tips: Prepare your membership card if you are a member, a valid ID, the watercraft’s registration and if you are a client or if your membership card doesn’t cover the area/service, prepare a valid card for payment. Make sure you are safe; otherwise we recommend you contact the coast guard on channel 16.

What does the membership cover – my watercraft or myself?2019-01-30T04:44:31+02:00

It is your watercraft. You can lend your boat to someone else. However, if you are not present on board, the captain present must sign the assistance and risk acceptance forms before any intervention is carried out by BA-TOW. He must be informed by you about BA-TOW services and associated risks. You stay responsable for your boat.

If you contact us for assistance and you are not a BA-TOW member, you must be on board to sign the service contract.

Can I transfer my membership card to someone else?2019-01-15T04:25:23+02:00

Your membership card is linked to your name and watercraft. You cannot transfer your account.

Are your services also offered to businesses?2019-01-15T04:25:38+02:00

Yes. We offer reduced rates for businesses that have several boats. You can contact us for a customized package suited for your needs.

What services does the membership card cover?2019-01-30T04:30:48+02:00
  • Fuel delivery *Fuel sold at market price
  • Jump start
  • Soft ungrounding for a stranded watercraft *certain conditions apply. See service contract.
  • Towing to marinas and boat launching ramps when the watercraft is unable to function properly.

The number of services offered with your card depends on the selected package.

Is BA-TOW also a designated-driver service?2019-01-15T04:26:07+02:00

No. When navigating, alcohol and drugs are subject to the same regulations as when driving a vehicle. You must be fully concentrated on everyone’s safety when you contact us for assistance.

What types of boats are covered by your services?2019-01-30T04:28:15+02:00

We cover boats measuring less than 50 feet/15 metres. Certain exceptions may apply. Contact us if your watercraft is slightly larger to see if you are eligible for our services.

For safety measures, kayaks, windsurfs, kite surfs, stand-up paddles, canoes and any other small boats who could be dangerous in case of a towing or ungrounding are not covered by our services. You must contact the coast guard if you require assistance with any of the watercraft.

If I have two boats, must I purchase two membership cards?2019-01-15T04:26:40+02:00

We offer the possibility of adding a second boat to your card, for half the price. Therefore, your package stays the same and protects both boats. However, the same amount of assistance services remains. As with the first watercraft, the second watercraft must belong to you and your name must appear on the boat’s licence or registration number. To benefit from this offer, you must contact us in order for us to provide you with a unique promotional code giving you a 50% rebate on the second package.

Do you offer automatic renewal?2019-01-15T04:26:47+02:00

Yes. Our membership cards are automatically renewed to avoid that our members find themselves without coverage due to an oversight. It is your responsibility to pay your membership renewal. Otherwise, your card will not be valid. If you make your payment after the renewal date, a 24-hour delay is required before your card can be activated.



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