BA-TOW assistance marine provides assistance, towing and salvage on water for small pleasure craft and commercial boats up to 50 feet in length. Our services are available 24/7, from May 15th to October 15th. Our mission is to help you keep your day on the water safe or get back to your destination quickly if your boat does not work.

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Fuel Delivery

Forgot to fill up? Navigated further than planned? No worries. We will bring you the fuel you need to reach a gas pump and to continue on with your day.

*Fuel is sold at market price.

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Jump start

Listened to music for too long? Fell asleep with the lights on? There’s a good chance your engine won’t start because your battery is dead. We can give you a boost.

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No one is exempt from mechanical problems. If, for any reason, your boat isn’t working properly, we can tow you to safety. Depending on the selected package, we can tow you to the nearest port or the port of your choosing.

*As of the 15th nautical mile, an hourly rate comes into effect. The hourly rate varies depending on your package.

Icône de bateau qui coule

Soft ungrounding

Water depth can sometimes play tricks on us. We offer soft ungrounding services if you are stranded and your boat is not in danger of sinking.

*Please note that for this service, the stranded boat must show improvement results within 30 minutes and must not put in danger the people in the boat, nor the boat itself. Otherwise, this will be considered a severe refloating, which is part of our salvaging service.

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For sunken boats or boats taking water, we offer salvaging services. If you have insurances, please contact them to know the procedures to follow. Salvaging is carried out once everyone is no longer on board. This service is not included in the membership packages. Call us for a quote.

*Please note that BA-TOW is not a rescue service. If you or your boat are in a dangerous situation, immediately contact the Canadian Coast Guard on channel 16 of your radio or dial *16 on your phone.


If you are unsure of the coverage of your navigation area, you may consult the map hereunder or contact us. Locks are serviced depending on the availability and traffic and the service is charged at an hourly rate.

St. Lawrence River

From St. Lambert to Lake St. Pierre Inlet


Lake of Two Mountains

To the Pointe-aux-Anglais


Lake St. Louis

From St. Catherine


In addition of our areas covered by the membership, BA-TOW offers services amongst many other areas depending on the availability of our workinboat and the distance. The services are offered on an hourly rate basis and are not covered by our plans. Other areas covered at the hourly rate:

  • Valleyfield
  • Richelieu
  • Lake St-Pierre
  • Any other lake or river in Quebec depending on availability and distance.

Contact us for more informations or quote.


Your stern is covered

We also offer our services at a hourly rate. If you need our services immediately and you are not a member, call us.




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